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Our highly motivated and dynamic young programmers, designers and project managers are passionate about delivering only the best in website development and design.

They love a good challenge, and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. They’ve built simple apps to unique and complex ones with the same outstanding attention to quality and detail.

While we follow the best practices of app development, we always examine the possibility of being innovative and creative if it can deliver meaningful business value to you. Brainstorming sessions are an integral component of our process, where we bounce ideas back and forth to zero down on the best possible solutions.

Discuss your requirements with us today. We look forward to assisting you.
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“We design and develop bespoke digital innovations crucial for your businesses.” Eideas is a boutique software development company based in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand that helps businesses design and develop the most effective and innovative digital solutions.

Over the years, Eideas have built a scalable network of operations across Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. We partner with clients from conception to implementation to create products that are efficient in helping businesses stay competitive and successful. After all, we believe that any product we deliver must be aligned to your business goals to deliver the changes you need to see.


Give us your challenge and we will give you its solution.

We have been flexing our brains to provide our clients with customized and creative business solutions for over ten years. We are passionate about our clients and are committed to tailoring to the needs of their businesses.

Don’t just take our word for it. Browse our portfolio below

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Having a website is the norm but at Eideas, we create websites that work for your business. We take the time to carefully research and understand your brand then analyzing your potential online customers so that we create an online presence, which truly represents you and your business. Eideas use a mixture of platforms and approaches when creating the website design for clients. By being flexible in the approach, Eideas know having a strong website design is well respected, sought-after and sets you apart from your competitors. Eideas ensure to come up with highly functioning web strategies so that all processes are kept convenient and efficient. Eideas ensure that the website design not only meets client expectations but it is also visitor friendly, compliant and makes use of advance methodology in design approach like mobile compatible website.


A good web development ensure website functionality works properly while keeping it simple and visitor friendly to navigate. Eideas’ code geeks have all the skills set and knowledge of web development systems to make sure your site works lighting-fast, easily searched by Google and at lower cost.

Many web design companies build and hand over responsibility to you, the client, to manage what is the most essential element to every website being the web hosting infrastructure. Your infrastructure shields your website from those unauthorized access, allow you to scale when online traffic increases and lastly deliver the end visitor experience.


At Eideas, we don’t  plainly build an eCommerce website with just catalogues and lists of products. We understand the factors to triumph a successful online retail, as such, the site must offer a seamless and one-of-the-kind experience, but yet simple to navigate just as if traipsing into a physical store to browser, pick up and purchase.  Our passion and experience about helping online business owners has leads to achieve  many success stories.

Eideas eCommerce solutions can capable to fulfills with shipping options, integration with third –party applications, variety of payment options, security and risk management.



Making websites for phones is becoming increasingly important for businesses. The number of people using their phones to browse the web is only going to grow! We develop sites that not only work across your phone, laptop and desktop but are fully optimised, so you only have to update one site.


It’s hard to make all that work together. An intranet is a SharePoint or a private corporate website that is useful and effective way to communicate information with different people in different places within the organization. Staffs won't need to search your mailbox for the latest version of a presentation, or update your superior or team about the same topic several times.

With the Intranets it promote a collaborative workplace as its design to meet organization specific needs, as well as organizational strategic goal...



The increase in our client’s sales


Staff Efficiency


Growing our customer base


Increasing industry presence

Mobile application development is not entirely about the app, it is about boosting your company’s usability and increasing visibility.

In this competitive market, most business wants to be ahead of the game and take their marketing strategy to the next level by developing their own mobile application knowing that effective marketing strategy includes more than just a mobile-friendly website. Eideas has been working with these companies to ensure that they are achieving the best results and stay ahead of competitors from the high quality value adding Mobile Applications.

A Mobile Application can work in many different ways. For instance, it can be a pathway to an existing system in the case of the ordering iPhone and Android Mobile Application Eideas developed.

Here are the top benefits of mobile app:

  • - Allows customers to engage with your products easily
  • - Services in real time
  • - Convenient and fuss-free
  • - Create a direct marketing channel for your business
  • - Highly customizable built-in features
  • - Allows customers to interact with you at their convenience
  • - Allows employees to work more efficiently
  • - Lower reliance on manpower
  • - Yields higher ROI



A System That Adapts To Your Uniue Requirements.

So what is Enterprise Resource Planning? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is basically your business’ workhorse software that facilitates documenting and processing of all financial transactions as well as managing your inventory. Eideas pro is modular- build around your business and not vice versa. As your business grows, your software running it grows as well. With cloud ERP solutions being web based erp software, all you need is browser and a web connection. You can also access to real-time data anywhere and anytime.

Eideas’ easy upgrade path results in instant adding of modules to your existing system whenever you need them giving an absolute advantage to your business.

Our software is also platform-independent which means that you can determine the most wallet-friendly choice for your business.

This flexibility is critical to maintain consistency and accuracy whilst growing your business.

To sum it up, ERP software can be used for:

  • -Supply chain management
  • -Financial accounting
  • -Human resources
  • -Manufacturing
  • -Project management
  • -Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If you want to entrust your people, taking full control of your business, increase the profitability of your business, organise customer and prospect data, Eideas pro is the answer for your business. Whether you are a solo act or a cast of thousands, Eideas Pro ensure that you have everything you need, anytime.



What is a point of sale system?

In a nutshell, a point of sale (POS) system is a digital cash register, doing everything the operations register would. The only difference is that it is on a computer or mobile device.

Most POS software also have functions to run nearly every aspect of your business such as inventory, store management, CRM, reporting etc, all in a user friendly and intuitive software suite.

Running point of sale software on any device?

Easy. Very easy. The screen is laid out automatically, making it simple to navigate through your inventory, add multiple items to a sale with ease, or even scan barcodes with a supported scanner.

The POS system is connected (without wires) to receipt printers and cash drawers as well as connect with a wide range of integrated card processing solutions.

What is cloud point of sale software?

Cloud POS is the latest trend in point of sale software and is becoming extremely popular for its beneficial features and easy access.

Users can access directly with just the use of an Internet connection and a device. It is often compatible with most POS hardware, (cash drawers, printers, scanners, etc.). Business owners are able to keep their eyes on revenues and outgoing costs which will enhance productivity as well as productivity.

This is known to be a more affordable choice as it requires less of an upfront expense than traditional server based POS systems and it will increase productivity and profitability by providing the ability for merchants to access data anytime, anywhere with the use of internet connection.

Why should you switch to a cloud based POS system?

  • Retrieve to data from anywhere
  • Always on the latest technology
  • Get real time business sales information
  • Better management and teamwork esp. for multi branches
  • Available in both online and offline access
  • Integrations with add on software solutions
  • Small upfront investment

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190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre #11-04
Singapore 188979
6635 5808 | 6635 5809
6635 5809


Eideas Technologies Pvt Ltd
277/5 Thalawatugoda Gardens
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78 Level 6, Mukda Builing,
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